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Codeoze IT Solutions is a leading IT company offering Website development, designing, SEO, Digital marketing,  Unity Game Development, Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing services. With a customer-centric approach and a team of skilled professionals, they create user-friendly websites, drive organic traffic, execute effective digital marketing campaigns, and craft compelling brand identities.


About Us

We exist to reconnect our community with the most devoted and loyal, secure and scalable IT solutions in a world overflowing with emails, status updates, and smart watches.

Codeoze IT Solutions is a prominent enterprise. Our company provides web development, design, SEO, digital marketing, and product branding services through a customer-focused strategy, a network of fluent professionals, and user-friendly websites that generate organic traffic, effectively execute digital and social media marketing promotions, and establish compelling visual identities for brands via UI/UX .graphic designs and many more

Our network of professionals is skilled and knowledgeable in their specialized fields.Using the most recent technological advancements, we can offer you a solution that is customized to your needs. We have gained the confidence of our global clientele by delivering outstanding services and merchandise.


Our Services

Our service range fits together cohesively, so we can provide end-to-end service, from Startup to Scaleup


Website Designing

Our well created website guarantees that users will see the newest design trends, which lower bounce rates and raise search engine results. For us, building a recognizable brand identity is crucial to the credibility and createability of our business. To make a website as interactive as feasible, our web designers employ Adobe, CorelDraw, Inkscape, and other design software to develop images, animations, logos, and other aspects. In order to interest visitors, we also pay attention to the website’s creative and visual aspects and employ a variety of design techniques, including symmetry, color schemes, and proportions. In addition, our experts are specialized in fonts, image and video positioning, and coding language layout creation. We utilize figma, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, and Affinity Designer to provide quantifiable business results.


Website Development

Owing to our years of experience creating world-class websites, we can focus on improving and increasing branding and revenue by improving scalability, user experience, and post-navigation. Our extensive collection of linguistic tools is intended to help users produce flawless and high-quality content. our experts “web developers” encompasses the entire process of developing websites or online apps, spanning the design, layout, coding, content production, and functionality of the project. To create a website or online application, a variety of computer languages, tools, and frameworks are used. For designing your dynamic website, front-end, back-end, and full stack development provide an easy web development process


Unity Game Development

We made game concepts and ideas a reality in a variety of areas, including coding, art design, project management, and many more, by applying our technical knowledge and abilities. You are not confined to advertising your software in the app store of another person. Alternatively, you can use the Web’s built-in linkability and shareability to market and promote your game throughout the Internet and other media, reaching a wider audience.Our game developers are industry leaders in areas such as game logic, user interface, artificial intelligence, and graphics.a web can do a  lot for you like Fetch API, Full Screen API, HTML and CSS, IndexedDB and many more


Search Engine Optimization

Refers to search engine optimization; with blogging, we can quickly produce a steady flow of high-quality SEO content. We have more interesting blog posts that are likely to draw more links for the convenience of our customers. Infographics are large-format visuals with a lot of data on a single topic (usually in the form of graphs or charts). They can accumulate a lot of links and page views. Our experts’ recommended strategies for on-page SEO include using keyword-rich and descriptive URLs; optimizing images with alt text that is descriptive; and optimizing your page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and content for keywords. To help you properly reach your target audience, our expert SEO business offers both ON-page , Off-page and technical SEO services. The use of SEO boost website traffic. Our goal is to increase qualified leads and revenue.


Graphic Designing

Do you not believe that hiring the greatest graphic designer is sufficient to achieve effective branding?Our skilled graphic design resources enhance staff pride and have a greater impact on company identity. Amazing visual designs, website templates, and pictures may be found in these graphic design resources. Logo designs ,web pages designing and mockups for use in artistic endeavors. Our individuals has prior experience on working at an agency and has received great training in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.We also promote proficiency in Typescript, Photoshop,, Git, Jira, and other tools.


Digital & Social Marketing

In addition to using emails, social media, and web-based advertisements as marketing channels, we also use text and multimedia messaging to connect with potential customers and promote companies. By producing podcasts and other media, we employed marketing strategies to draw in, hold on to, and grow an audience. Our experts are engaged with the  audience on social media channels to strengthen your brand, boost revenue, and improve website traffic. This include creating and sharing quality material on your social media pages, interacting with and listening to your followers, tracking your progress, and conducting social media ads.When it comes time to buy what you sell, this strategy develops competence, increases brand awareness, and keeps business front of mind.

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